Substrat Studio | Chainsaw Collection
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Chainsaw Collection

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Available upon request

Chainsaw is a collection that highlights an emblematic material deeply rooted in our history and our cultural identity: wood. The trees used to make these pieces were chosen from my parents’ sugar bush in Sainte-Luce, Quebec, a place I am deeply attached to. The selection was done in the forest in the company of my father, who cuts the pieces so as to leave the marks of chain saw clearly visible. I then transform the logs into utility items for the table. The idea being to play with the contrasts between porcelain and wood; the purity and delicacy of the first material in opposition to the roughness and the irregularity of the second. I prefer to partially glaze the surface, which accentuates the feel and texture of the material. To associate wood and porcelain is for me a very powerful gesture. While wood is a living material, it decomposes and returns to earth, while porcelain is timeless, fragile, and at the same time indestructible.


Chainsaw pieces are available in limited edition